Michael Levy Photography - Headshots New York City

Packages and FAQ

If you are interested in hiring Michael for commercial projects, haute couture, events, or wedding packages, please use our contact form directly.  

The following session packages are specifically for Headshots, Branding, and Promotional or Modeling purposes. They are pre-set for artists and corporate clients in New York City.

For Artists


Our Bold and Beautiful Headshot Session

-Unlimited wardrobe changes 

- Up to 3 backgrounds


Our Branding Package + 2 Headshots

- For: Website, Newsletter/PostCards, and other marketing materials.  Perfect for the multi-talented artist

- Full body shots included


Modeling Comp Cards, Press and Promo Kits with Design finesse and expertise

- For: comp card work (beginning or rebuilding).  Requires a full day for possible travel for outdoor locations

For Business


Our Bold and Beautiful Headshot Session

-Unlimited wardrobe changes 

- Up to 3 backgrounds


Our Branding Package + 2 Headshots

- For: Website, Newsletter/PostCards, and other marketing materials.  Perfect for the multi-talented artist

- Full body shots included


For Group Shoots or Larger Scale Individual shoots that focus on Press and Promotional kits with Design finesse and expertise

Headshots: Unlimited changes in 2 epic lighting schemes (1 indoor, 1 outdoor) PLUS

-production planning and consultation for this large scale project designed to push your brand out to market

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Location, Time, Approach

LOCATION: Where are you located?

We are located at Studios LIC, near the 7 train's Hunter's Point stop.

TIME: What time of the day do you shoot?


TIME: How long is each session?

The Working Artist Session is a 3 hour session start to finish, sometimes 4; Breakout Artist is 5 hours, and the Modern Legend Package is 6 hours.  These times include pre-shoot discussion, makeup/hair, wardrobe switching, and of course, shooting.   

APPROACH: I want to come in for 10 minutes and get a quick LinkedIn shot, possibly 5 minutes of your time.  Can you get me something for $25-$50?

A photo studio that does this as their main service would be more appropriate.   Also,  5 minutes?  Bless your heart.

APPROACH: How should I get ready for this awesomeness?

(Step 1) You must place a deposit to confirm your appointment (use the contact form to get in touch).

(Step 2) We'll send you prep emails.

(Step 3) We shoot and choose our favorites to edit.

***With Breakout Artist and Modern Legend we send a mood board with inspirational pictures specifically tailored for you.

2: Makeup + Meetings + Photos

MAKEUP: Is hair and makeup included with every package?

Yes.  They are on set with us the whole time.

MAKEUP: I want to come on set as is.  Can I ask for no makeup?

We use strobes/flashes that are 3-6 feet away from your face which can bring out more detail in the skin (including dryness, natural discoloration, etc).  We make it look natural by counteracting the close lights, using a soft, natural looking layer of makeup.  The lighting ends up looking more natural, too.

MEETINGS: Can I meet you or speak with you before the shoot?  

FaceTime and Skype consultations are available.  If, after our initial conversation, you'd still like to shake our hands or give hugs, we can talk about it.  We love hugs.

PHOTOS: Do I get to keep all of my photos at the end of the shoot?

We have the proof gallery up indefinitely to refer to anytime.  

PHOTOS: Can I just print the RAW files? 

No: A great read on why photographers don't do this.  

PHOTOS: Who has the rights to the photos?

By law, Michael does (re: Copyright Act of 1976), and he gives you the license to use them for any type of usage, except commercial.  The same goes for all photographers unless you have a Copyright agreement with them saying you own the photos.  

If you are looking to purchase a commercial license (print or web ad), please let him know.

It is a strict policy that all photos created are not sold somewhere else by us, either.  We value your privacy as much as you <3

3: Prices and Rates

DATES: How far in advance should I book with you?

We tend to book 1-2 months in advance (with the highest demand in the Fall and Spring), but may have last minute openings from time to time if you are in a rush.

PRICES: Your prices aren't listed on the website?

Send us an email. This also allows us to be as clear as possible when informing you about prices, features, and availabilities. 

PRICES: Do you give student discounts?

Our sessions are designed for anyone looking to work, student or not. (Short Answer: No)

BOOKING: Do you photograph children?

Our minimum age requirement is 14 years of age.

BOOKING: What is your policy with non-refundable deposits?

It's a non-refundable deposit, but you may change the date of your shoot, so long as you make a request 72 hours in advance.  

BOOKING: What if I don't like the pictures we make?

Since you get to see your pictures and approve of them as you shoot (we tether to a giant monitor so you can see yourself on-screen), you can walk off-set knowing you got the shot, thus feeling satisfied :)  Michael won't end the shoot unless you are 100% satisfied.