They love us too :)

Marion Dunn of NYU

You're so wonderful! Thank you, thank you for yesterday! I am beyond pleased! I am speechless with how on point all of these looks are and I can't wait to start getting them seen!
I know I'll probably want more than two or three shots edited...They are just all so good!! 
Be in touch soon and again, THANK YOU!!!

Jacob Waldron

Michael,These are amazing, it was so great to meet you and I was blown away with the experience. I can't wait to dig into these. Thank you so much.

Best, Jacob

A'Keyah Williams

I just picked up the photo we’ve been referencing from Reproductions [the printing lab]... literally stunning! Thanks again!

Nancy Valerie Randall of Wilhelmina Models

Hi Mike,
Wanted to let you know that I’ve gotten great feedback so far on instagram and Facebook, as well as from my agents at CESD. 
😊 Nancy 

Amberlee Lynn

Hi Michael,

Thanks for everything that you did for me! I really appreciate it. The feedback from the shots has been fantastic and I am very excited and proud to use them. I feel like the makeup was really on point, too. Keep in touch!



J.Scot Cahoon

Hey Michael,

Dude the shot you chose in the collar shirt getting me mad work son!! Including a free haircut to promote a barbershop/hair product brand! I've been getting SO much great feedback on the headshots we took. Even making some money because of them (wwwuuuuttt?!?!). Specifically a Natural Light beer commercial that I'm still washing off my tastebuds. 


Morgan Meadows

Thank you Michael!
This is so exciting. I can't thank you enough for helping me put my best foot forward on the start of my New York journey. I loved working with you and have already been singing your praises to friends who live here or who plan on moving here in the coming weeks. 10/14/17 - Morgan just shared news that she was signed by UGA, who commented that Michael's shots were one of the key reasons they decided she was ready for representation. 

Lauren Reinas

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for these incredible edits, I LOVE them all! I'm in awe of how fantastic they look, so thank you again for all the hard work you put into them! I had the best time working with you and learned so much about myself as an actress! 

 I'm really glad to have these photos in hand and eager to put them to good use :) I would love to stay in touch and let you know about any projects I'm involved in, thanks for everything and wishing you the best of luck as well with everything!


Correy West

Hey Michael! OMG! I LOOOOVE these shots and I loved working with you. The way you get people to express emotion and points of view is truly amazing! Thank you to you and your whole team! You should be proud! I literally can't pick which shots I like the best! 

Matt Williams

Michael, I know you must get praise and adoration like this on a daily basis, but geez man…you are an amazing artist. Best photographer (and director!) I’ve ever worked with, on stage or screen, and an incredible experience that I’ll be gushing about for months.

Esma Karamanci

I cannot tell you how incredibly pleased I am with the results. Thank you for everything, and for explaining the pricing structure. Money is not an issue for me when it leads to such high quality =) 

Estelle Lee

The best part was I didn't feel like I was working at all just acting, so thank you so much for a great experience.  It was so hard picking my shots because all of them showed such range and emotions that would surprise me.

Beth Sergeant

Hi Michael, Thank you again for today's shoot! I had a great time with you and Lyndsey. You both were amazing and I truly mean it. I left a review because I thought it was important for people to know that I am normally a person who LOATHES seeing myself on film and despite being a former NFL cheerleader I hate getting my picture taken. So it meant a lot to me today that my experience was the exact opposite! I am very happy with the way the photos came out and I am very happy we were able to work together!


Sara Rodriguez

I really can’t thank you enough. From start to finish, this experience has been by far the best I’ve ever had with taking photos. You can rest assured I will always recommend you to everyone I know.

Seriously. YOU da best. Thanks a million.

Keep in touch!

Sara Rodriguez

Kossivi Alokpovi

Hi Michael, 
I hope you are doing well. I just got the photographs and I am blown away. You are above and beyond your peers for what you do. I am thankful for you and Ana for all your craftsmanship. 
Thank you again

Daniella Escobio

Wow Michael! The pictures I can confidently say came out outstanding. When I think about tv/film "characters" I can see a different one in every photo. I really had an incredible experience thanks to you and Lindsay. The both of you were very welcoming, open, helpful and patient when it came to my initial shyness and I eventually felt incredibly confident. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. I will certainly pass this on to anyone I ever hear is looking for headshots. You really do have an incredible talent and I hope to see you in many commercials and shows in the future! Thank you again!

-Daniella Escobio 

Jacob Berger

Hey Michael! Hope you are well. I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for the amazing shots we took this summer. Since I began using them in june, i have had several major tv/film bookings and I am certain having these incredible shots have played a big role in getting in the office but also giving me confidence in my presentation. You the man!

Jaz Zepatos

Michael, Michael, Michael....

I've been insane the last few days and in transit but finally home in Ft. Lauderdale with a second to breathe and tell you...

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE PHOTOS !!! I could not be happier with the outcome of this shoot. I don't know how on earth I'll be able to chose. I've never had such variety and dynamic shots before and I'm obsessed with them and you. I can't thank you enough for your time and dedication to giving me the headshots of my dreams. You are simply the best and I plan to shout it from the rooftops.

Thank you a million times. I'll miss our fun times working together and I'm sure it won't be the last!


Michael Brunetti

Hi Michael!

I had the pleasure of working with you too!! Thank you so much for bringing out the best in me. You are truly gifted in everything you do.

The photos look amazing and my father, mother, and sisters are in love with them too! There are so many amazing photos that you took and you were such a great guidance. Thanks again Michael!!

All the best,
Michael Brunetti 

Sophie Amoss

Hey Michael,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you properly. I just wanted to reiterate what I wrote in my review. I am someone who does not find the process of getting their picture taken an easy or relaxing thing--yet somehow you were able to make it both. The pictures are incredible. Especially those booth pictures. Simply stunning.

Anyway, thanks again. Truly.


Chinyere Steven

MICHAEL !!!!!! you and you're team are such badasses :D I'm so honored and blessed to have worked with you guys ! Thank you for making my session a memorable one that I will cherish forever. It's time to get the ball rolling and I feel so confident in the work we put in. I can't wait to see the finishing touches, again thank you thank you

Chinyere Stevens 

Steph Hepner

I'm in 2 shows in the city, got hired for a season in NH and shooting a short film soon!
I love going in with these shots :) 

Marion Dunn

Hi Michael!

I just wanted to say thank you again! I had so much fun yesterday and you are amazing to work with. I'm looking through the photos, three times so far... It's so hard to finalize my choices, I love them all! I will favorite my final choices and share them with you when I make up my mind. Thank you!!!!

All the best,


Kristen Camos

Thank you for giving me such beautiful head shots; it was such a fun time working with you!! You have a great eye for photography, a raw and realistic style, and that's something that drew me to your work. It's unique, edgy, and earthy and I absolutely love it.

As for the summer, I'll be doing an intensive at StoneStreet studios, but I'll make sure to update you on anything else after that! Hopefully we'll cross paths again!

Thank you!!
Kristen Camos

Yong Garcia

Michael, you are amazing!!! I keep telling myself during and after the photoshoot, whoever raised Michael, raised him well!! Kudos to your parents and especially your mother, don't know them but usually, the mothers are the ones who are very hands on with their sons. :)

So much beautiful light illuminating from you!! Grace, beauty, positivity!! Good karma knows where home is! So I pray that You will reap what you sow, sooner than later :)

Thank you. Speak to you soon!

Much love to you too,

Cameron Hill

Michael!!!!!!! These photos are phenomenal. I am utterly overwhelmed. 

First of all, THANK YOU. I can be so shy and nervous in front of the camera and I am just so grateful that I have these shots. Everything you said is right. I see a person. My mom kept saying “ that’s just SUCH an expression you do.” “that’s so you”. She’s cute. SO, the hard part is this decision making thing.
I have narrowed them down to about 15….which is still a lot. (You should have seen my original favorites. . . it was practically the whole gallery). I haven’t sent them to you yet because I am pretty sure that is too many but I wanted to make sure that this email got to you and that I said THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I am looking to narrow it down to three final ones, for now, to print and use but there is so much here that I am excited to put on my website and to play around with. Truly, I see many expressions I have never been able to capture on camera before. EVER. More sides to me than I thought I would be able to bring out and I am just so excited.


Mona Depena

I just wanted to thank you, I had a blast yesterday. Some of the shots are just amazing . I don't even see me, I just see me in different characters, truly amazing!!!!  Who knew taking headshots would be fun? 

All the best

Steph Hepner (again!)


Obsessed with you. That's all.
Marked a ton of favorites- will pick by tomorrow!

Thank you for "breaking me," you did it!
Talk soon,


Abby Slocum

thank you so much for the kind email last week. I went through a lot of workshops and closed agent showcases, and they ALL absolutely loved my headshot! Thank you thank you!!!

All the best!

Chinyere Stevens (again!)

Michael !!!! Thank you again !!!!! I can't wait to get started ! Thank you for everything, thank you for answering all my 1,000 questions lol and if I have anymore I'll definitely ask,thank you for helping me understand why it's important to tell a story and to not just to have a pretty face. You and you're whole team rock, I'll definitely stay in touch !! Have a great productive week.


Andres Emedan


The photos look great! It was truly a pleasure working with you and your team. I can't stop telling people what a wonderful experience I had. You truly guided me out of a place of self consciousness to a place where I could let the camera see inside of me.

I am in the process of narrowing down which photos to use, there are so many! Ill send them over to you as soon as I choose. Can't wait to see how Jennifer's and Vella's turn out.


When you direct that PO5 series call me in to audition for it!

Caitlin Goldie

Thank YOU!

Also, last time I got Headshots I thought : "thank goodness that is over."
This time, I thought: "that was so fun! I want to do it again!" 

Anne B Wechsler,


I have to just say again--thank you SO much for these incredible photos and for making my day so enjoyable and worthwhile!

Jamie Parton

SO !@%#-ing GOOD.  I almost want you to take pics of my daughter.

Campbell Dunsmore

Hi Michael!

Thank you so, so much. I LOVE the shots! I'm still in the midst of choosing which three I want edited, but I will let you know asap.

I am so grateful for your openness and playfulness, and I had such a wonderful time, and the fact that the shots are good too makes me just so happy.

Good luck with everything on your end, and I hope we will run into each other again sometime!

All the best,

Ariane Hardjowirogo

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for making yesterday so fun! I really had a blast and you really made me excited to show what I've got.
I also really appreciate that you and Jaida gave me some extra time to shoot more looks.

Again, thank you for your time, energy and professionalism.



Weronika Wozniak

Thank you so much Michael!!

Thank you again for amazing photo shoot experience, 

my main pictures get so much of positive feedback everywhere! I am about to graduate and my teacher was really satisfied that each headshot presents different side of me. It was fun to debate and choose again what do I want to show to the industry. Thank you again.


Kahlique Nipper

Thank you all so much for such a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed working with you guys. It was so fun, I viewed the edits and I love them all! My favorite headshot of them all was the one you edited with the leather jacket. P.s thanks again for letting me wear it during the shoot lol. That is a day I would never forget and I thank you all again for it.

Mia Pinero

Let me just say I had a BLAST! I am so so so so pleased with my photos, and so are my friends and family! We have been going through them, but there are so many good ones to choose from! I am having a hard time narrowing it down to 3!

You were such a pleasure to work with, and all those exercises definitely helped me feel totally at home. I was seriously shocked at how at home I felt, especially because I was so nervous. You really have a talent.

Again, thank you so much for everything. I walked away feeling like I had learned something as an artist, and as a person! Who would have thought all that from a head shot shoot!

With so much gratitude,


Amanda Zaccone (again!)

Hey Michael!

Let me tell you how amazing my turn out has been since we did our shoot together!  I've been going on auditions every week. I am very grateful for that because before you took my headshots, I was barely getting auditions.  Your pictures really stand out. A few directors commented on how great my headshot looks. I absolutely love the picture you retouched again. You're brilliant and your work is stunning. I feel like it still captures who I am :)

Amanda Zaccone 

Will Graziano


WOAH man these shots look awesome! We've got some really incredible stuff here!

I've already started looking them over with my team. It's going to be a challenge to pick just three! I'm looking forward to hearing what your choices are.

Thank you again for such a top-notch experience. I had such a blast working with you guys and I couldn't be happier with the results.


Mirejah Cruz

Hey Michael,

I love these pictures. They turned out amazing and most importantly, honest. I've been looking them over with friends and family.  Thank you again for such an awesome shoot.



Danielle Place


The pictures look fabulous!! You did a great job - just got off the phone with Charlie and like you said he loves them too! I definitely want to get the others retouched.  Tell everyone I miss them too!

Monica Larson

LOVE the final shots! Thank you so much. Y'all were amazing to work with as well.

I will definitely be referring you and you will be seeing me when I'm in need of headshots in the future.

Have a fabulous rest of the summer- Monica  

Patricia Blocke

Hi Michael!
The pictures are fabulous!!! The complete photo shoot was beyond amazing w/ you. I actually had a 9/11 remembrance dinner last night & got sooo many compliments.
My resume looks great too, thank you for doing it.
I cannot wait for my 1st casting.
Sincerely w/ peace,

John Maddaloni

I'm loving all the shots! It's so hard to decide which one I like the best! Even my brother, who is a filmmaker and huuuuge critic/perfectionist, loves all of them!

I'm currently having friends, family and colleagues go through and look at them to give me there thoughts so I can compare them to my own.


Amanda Zaccone

Hey Michael! Oh my gosh! These pictures are absolutely amazing. My family is going crazy over here haha. You really did capture who I am and I'm excited for casting directors to see that.  Thank you so much! It was such a positive experience. You captured who I am and that's what I needed. Your work is so breathtaking and beautiful. I can't thank you enough for all my pictures.... I'm speechless! They are perfect! Thank you so much Michael. I'm telling all my acting friends about you. These head shots give me so much confidence and I'm ready to take on this tough industry. I'm so happy! :)

Amanda Zaccone 


Jason Griffith


Holy shit you just crushed it. These look PHENOMENAL. You're amazing.

I kinda want you to retouch ALL of them. I have my agents looking at the others right now.  

Charlotte Vaughn Raines

Shooting with you was so much fun. Melinda rocks, you rock, everybody rocks. I've been getting GREAT feedback on the shots. People who've known me for a while in the acting world who've seen my new shots are reacting in the way I'd hoped they would (as in, "whoa okay yea she's in the big leagues now" kind of way.)

I've also had a few friends txt me and say "WHO did your headshots?? That's exactly the feel I'm looking for!" So you may be getting some future clients soon XD

Nick Bissel

Hey Mike!

Wow!!! What an amazing experience today was!!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and delving into the different emotional scenarios you presented. You’re very creative. It was really refreshing to be in a creative presence again.  

I will certainly keep in touch moving forward into the future! I’m eager to start putting myself out there and letting what may come!


Samantha Scaffodi

I had such a great shoot and it was so wonderful to work with you. I LOVE the photos.

Thank you so much!
Samantha Scaffidi 

Carroll Cole

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for your incredible work. I loved working together and am so excited to mull over these photos!

I also hope to cross paths again and would love to know what you're working on :) I'm so glad Ricky recommended you to me. And thank you for being so patient with me!

So excited to dig into this! I have spring break next week, so that's when I'll give this my undivided attention.


Alexis Vinson

The pictures are literally breathtaking. You did an impeccable job and I'm so thankful that I chose you to be my photographer. Thank you so much for everything. You are unbelievably talented and I truly appreciate your direction, expertise, and your ability to capture the most beautiful yet simple moments within a single photograph. Thank you! 

Sarah Harper

I'm so happy to hear things are really on the fast track for you!

I have to tell you that on almost every audition I go on, someone compliments my head shot! They also mention that it no longer looks like me because my hair is now shoulder length, same cut as Mouse :)

Kelley Nicole Dugan

Hey thanks Michael! I had so much fun! Looked through them and they look great, I’ll get back to you with my favorites by the end of the week. Thanks so much. :)
Best, Kelley

Samantha Lauro

I had a great time shooting with you! I think you are a great photographer I absolutely love my pictures and how everything turned out! You gave me really good feedback that I will take to other shoots. You told me what you thought would look good and you also produced what I wanted. Thanks again!

Christopher Patten


What a fun day. You truly understand your profession and made something that to most people sounds like stress and work
an enjoyable 3 hours. Ur a great guy.
Beyond that, the photos are amazing and cover such great range. 

Akira Fukui

So, Michael, I spent the last day looking at your photos...and, it was so hard to narrow it down. There were so many great pictures to choose from!! I showed them to a lot of people, and they all agreed that you're amazing. I couldn't agree more. You're crazy talented and I can't wait to work with you again.

Daniel Agmon

I personally loved working with you. Like I said earlier, by that one phone call your attitude was what did it for me, your interest and enthusiasm in the customer was amazing and very convincing. You connect very well. 

Jasmyn Wachenheimer

Hey Michael!!

Just got back from Boston!

I really enjoyed our shoot! It was so fun and it really helped me relax in front of the camera and deliver. This is by far the best headshot session I have ever had. Thank you!!

I like so many of the pictures, it was hard to choose!! Again, I can't tell you THANK YOU enough! You and Jaida are the BEST!! 

Rose Burnett Bonczek

Mchael, you did an absolutely amazing job with Mickey on this shoot - you also gave him a gift of confidence, spirit, and collaboration at a time when it meant a great, great deal - I noticed a shift in his center and spirit all week long. So many amazing ones to choose from, that is the Mickey I have known for 35 years as a person and actor. Such a striking moment, and of course countless others that capture so much.

Thank you for the gift of your expertise, and your humanity, always. He had a tremendous experience with you, and that Mickey Ryan was saying great things without couching them in a 'joke' is a rare moment in life. Thank you, I can't wait to see what you both decide on final choices!

have a beautiful weekend,


Jena Finn

You are a FANTASTIC photographer and I want everyone to know that! It seems as though the world is slowly finding out now...

I love the way you work, your passion, and your focus. Those qualities are what make you such a great artist, and I'm lucky to have randomly met you. Both of my shoots with you were unforgettable and I can't wait to make more memories and have more photos to show for it.

I definitely need to update some of my looks as we have discussed, so let me know when works best for you. Best of luck with everything- the studio, new apartment, photography, acting, etc. 

Julie Kanan

Michael, thank you so much again!

The shoot today was amazing and such a great experience.  So much fun!! I was trying to remember all of the fun prompts that 'sparked' all the looks, was it tuna fish or flamingo(!) or baby elephant(my favorite!). Grumpy badger was pretty clear. :) There are so many of the pictures that I like, a lot of great choices. I working to narrow them down and really following your suggested mindset. You are such a pro!

Chris Morris

Hey Michael,

Thank you so much, I too had an absolutely incredible time working with you. You have an unbelievable energy that is a joy to be around and your passion for your work is infectious. We’ll have to make sure that our paths cross in the future. The shots came out incredible and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again, had a blast yesterday.

Alexandria Collins

Hi Mike:

It was great shooting with you as well. The raw photos are beautiful and I'm sure the edits will be even better.

You were great and very welcoming. I appreciate the way you handled my hesitancy with some of the shots in the beginning. You didn't go on an ego-trip thinking I was insulting your photography but tried to understand where I was coming from. That's a great tool to have and grow in. Empathy. 

Cosima Glasgow

Right on! Was a fun run. And I pretty much figure we haven't parted company for good. Sometime down the road I'll be needing new headshots and your crazy-ass fanfiction for a laugh (you'll be my go-to guy). Or you'll be needing stitches and a urinalysis (I'll be your go-to gal). Or we share a scene in a blockbuster - who knows! I don't question the universe - it makes the rules!

Everyone I showed these to were like, "Yup, that's Cas!" Thanks for working with me in my element and also encouraging me out of it, while keeping... well... THE CAS. These are definitely shots worth hanging onto.

Crystal Lee

Thank you for your time and work on my photos. Thank you for your grace and patience and most importantly your profession, I take joy knowing that I could be a stone in your river that is truly flowing with rapids of success!  

I part with a true sense of self and look forward to stepping a level ahead in mind, body, and spirit on the next shoot!! Thank you again so much for my photos and beautiful work! 

Namita Gandhi

OH!! I agree you did put a lot of thought to art while you were taking each shot. It is reflected in the brilliance of the work.

As I mentioned, I have gotten a lot of comments from my friends about your work. Once I start sending these pics out, I will not be surprised if you hear from my friends. Thank you again for the extra level of effort.

Cassandra Johnstone

Thank you, Michael!

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your patience, friendliness, and enthusiasm. It was refreshing to have photographs done that actually feel, to me, that my type, as specific as it is, was served. Thank you for taken what I had written and running with it without judgement. I felt listened to and it was very fun to shoot. I'll certainly be recommending you, not just to actors, but to the friends of mine who are authors and might need headshots for their work or promotion. Thanks very much! Everyone's photos that I've seen thus far look excellent. :)

Emily Bronner

Thank you so much!!!! I love them. I had a great time shooting with you!!

Kyra McFarland


I LOVE them! Thank you so much! They are absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I was hoping for. It's really been a lovely experience working with you.
Everything is definitely good. 

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