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Email: mlevy@michaellevyphoto.com

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Phone: 212-390-0877

(Due to demand, available slots to work with me are usually 1-2 months out, thank you for understanding!)

My Style and Approach

My process keeps you inspired, open, and present; the two biggest things I seek within that realm are a deep sense of authenticity, and intimacy.  

I give you ideas to lean into every moment, with twists and turns around every corner to keep things fun, conversational, connected.   To me, a shoot should capture a real and present conversation, with every artful pose becoming within itself.  I have been told that my process is engaging and whimsical; that my lighting feels inspired by the individual stepping into it; the flow feels dynamic, fluid, and tailored.

When I shoot, my instinct is to see something in you that you're feeling, both intentional and unintentional, and channel that to the camera in a very impactful and natural way.  I thrive in giving you space to swim in that mental, emotional flow.  Reading you is not just a part of my job, it's a core part of how I delve into the moments we share together, and dictates how I light you.

You will be surprised, I will be surprised: I will always help guide you in a strong direction that is unique to you,  keeping in mind my own deep understanding of forms, shapes, and angles within lighting. 

I'm listening to you with all of my senses.  We are all thrillingly confident when we're here to discover.

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Hanging out in St. Marks Place right by the Public Theater.  

Shopping the night-markets in Paris (Les Halles) during Xmas for hot wine and delicious treats.

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