Sessions and Booking FAQ

For commercial projects, corporate group, haute couture, events, or weddings, please email us directly at Please remember to check your folder if you haven't received a response in 5 days.

The following session packages are specifically for Headshots and Promotional/Branding/Modeling purposes. They are pre-set for artists and corporate clients in New York City who wish to work with us on a private, individual basis.

We have days specifically for headshots, with equipment and lights set up for that type of work, and days where the studio is setup for a more diverse set of lighting styles, for branding/modeling. 

Headshots for Artists or Corporate Sessions

Headshot/Portrait Sessions

  • Unlimited Consultation included
  • Team Makeup / Hair Artist on set at all times
  • sessions start at 45 minutes and continue up based on how many looks you book
  • view photos as we shoot on a large monitor, easily approve as we go
  • cinematic, commercial and natural styles of lighting
  • receive a private, viewable gallery color corrected proofs
  •  1 wardrobe option per look (outer layer adjustments allowed, like jackets, sweaters, etc)
  • read the FAQ below for more details

Artist and Corporate Branding Sessions

Branding/ Modeling Session

  • Unlimited Consultation included along with all features from the Headshots session, PLUS...
  • Entire shoot is planned in advance with mood board/details (always have a plan together)
  • Shots done in-studio and/or on-location (outdoors, only in Spring-Fall)
  • sessions start at 3.5 hours and continue up based on number of looks booke)
  • simple yet impactful editorial quality shots, many angles of each idea
  • Coaching and Pose Guidance - fun for rookies, and a great challenge for vets with complex ideas
  • read the FAQ below for more details


(in-studio or on-location)

Whether you're a band, showcase of actors, theatre troupe, film crew, production company, tech startup, or a Fortune 500 firm, we travel around the USA to help marketing and branding at a discounted rate compared with our individual sessions.
We plan 1 month in advance on average, with a digital proof gallery delivered in less than 48 hour for fast review, and retouched photos in hand within 2-4 business days.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1: Location, Time, Wardrobe

LOCATION: Where are you located?

We are now located just 4 blocks from NYC Penn Station, at 150 West 28th Street, just between Broadway and 7th Ave.  We are currently shooting on-site for large groups until mid-January.

TIME: What time of the day do you shoot?

10am-5pm, weekdays for individual sessions.   Depending on the season and job assignment (weddings, event, commercial work), this may vary.

TIME: How long is each headshot/portrait session vs each branding/modeling session?

The shortest session is 45 minutes  on our calendar for 1 look.  I love giving sessions that aren't rushed, so I usually work beforehand with you on an outfit that is definitely going to be the choice, and I give unlimited consultations up till the shoot, planning is a big part of a session.  Wardrobe options for larger sessions are more plentiful and diverse.  For Branding and Modeling sessions, the studio is completely re-organized to allow me to create the shots we've planned for the day, with the minimum amount of production time being 3.5 hours.

TIME: Do we have time for outdoor looks for headshots?

My lighting inside is designed to be as "outdoor" and natural as possible.  With outdoor shoots, New York is more complicated compared to, say, my home-state of Maryland: more traffic, obstacles, noise, and the weather these days is for headshots and portraits, I keep it indoors for time and safety without the hassle of hazards.  If you book a branding or modeling session, the looks can be a headshot or portrait sized shot as well while we work, so I usually say headshots can be outdoors in the branding/modeling sessions, because we have the time, our on-location time is factored into the experience.

WARDROBE: What is a "look"?

A look would be a combination of a background/lighting/wardrobe.  Small adjustments can be made to the lighting, wardrobe, hair to refine what we are achieving, and if we need to add anything like an outer layer or two, that will still be a part of that one look.  Think of it as "one cohesive visual idea."  

2: Makeup, Meetings and Sessions

MAKEUP: Is hair and makeup included with every package?

Yes :) Our hair and makeup artists are on set usually the whole time, if not always.  However, if you worry that your hair may take more time, I would recommend getting it done beforehand, and showing up on set with hair fully ready to go.  We are here to balance and refine.
Women’s hair - come with the hair ready to go, representing you on your best day.  Hair (especially when it's long) can be a visual for your energy, so it's important get it done well beforehand, preserving your time on set for small adjustments, like pinning/curling/flipping, to get the look just right.  If you need a blowout, be sure to do it before coming on set.
Men's hair - I recommend always sticking to one look, and letting time pass before moving to another, because different shots create a muddy marketing plan.  However, if you feel there is a serious advantage for you at this time, we can definitely shoot you with facial hair first, and then go clean-shaven.

MAKEUP: Is the Makeup Artist required?

Treat every bit of detail with care and attention to conscientious presentation.  Aside from balancing your complexion against lights that are much closer in real life, I would relate this experience to showing up for an interview or a special occasion, come as your best at all angles; makeup (just like clean, ironed wardrobe) is an essential part of your on-camera professionalism.

MEETINGS: May I meet you or speak with you before the shoot?  

I sometimes work remotely or have to shoot on-location, so FaceTime and Zoom consultations are available before booking.  I definitely make it as personal and helpful as possible.  Once booked, we can always work from there and even have you come beforehand to feel at home in the studio.

MEETINGS: How much do I need to plan for a headshot session?

Once you become a client on our shooting schedule, it's as easy showing up on set; we are very hands-on and collaborative.  My  recommendation is to plan ahead on the looks so you don't waste valuable deciding what is right to wear.  Plan ahead with me, and you'll get the most out of your session time.

MEETINGS: How much do I need to plan before a branding shoot?

On top of everything I mentioned in the Headshots answer, I will first do an in-person or Zoom interview with you, where both your personality and goals will be infused into a collection of photos to help inspire you (Mood Board).  This Mood Board will evolve as we approach the shoot day through a few more exchanges. 

By the time we start, we will know our schedule for the day, and how the shots should turn out.  We will have planned out the art direction and idea of every look.  This won't be a standard "comp card" shoot with the same background and a few wardrobe changes... it will be authentically produced like a real editorial or commercial shoot. 

SESSIONS: What's it like on-set with you guys?

Super relaxing, and lovingly focused; imagine being in a room where everyone only wants to be your friend.  

SESSIONS: Do you play music during the session? 

I always want you to feel at home, so are free to DJ the Amazon Alexa and show me some great artists I've never heard about.  If you are easy-go-lucky, I have a playlist specifically tailored to keep you colorful and collaborative.

SESSIONS: Can I use the proof (non-edited images)?

Unedited Proofs (the raw photos we take right out of the camera that become color balanced) are like sketches to a painter.  Proofs and a proof-sheet are sketches toward that final idea; they remain viewable on a gallery as a record, but are generally not to be used in their "Work-in-Progress" form.  We work hard to get the idea just right so we can make that shot (or shots) you asked for.   Sometimes, we are lucky when we do fantastic work, and many shots feel like they could be retouched.  That is the joy of hard work.  It brings a great deal of joy to see that work.  If you feel you'd like to use more over what you initially asked for,  I do additional retouches on top of the included number of edits for $45 per edit.  I've come across more obstacles booking future clients when previous clients would post raws on social media.  To ensure consistency of expectation and quality behind my name, I release and publish only finished work.  I think we all operate one and the same with the work we create, and it makes all the difference when we do.

3: Prices and Rates

PRICES: What are your rates for individual sessions?

Rates for individuals can be as low as $400 and include, and include hair/makeup.  Please send a message if you'd like to find out about the different types of sessions I offer. 

PRICES: Do you give discounts?

Yes, I do.  Usually, they are group based (of 6 or more), as we always need to calculate what keeps the lights on here. 

BOOKING: Do you photograph children?

The minimum age requirement is 12 years old.  This is set based on how my studio and equipment are setup. 

BOOKING: How can I book you?

After we get acquainted and I understand what you need, we plan and reserve a date in your name with a deposit.  I'll send you prep emails, and ask you a few questions to know your expectations leading up to the shoot.

***With our Branding/Modeling sessions (Full Day) we send a mood board with inspirational pictures specifically tailored for you after consulting with you.  It's a very individualized experience.  This will be added to the experience most have when doing headshots.  Some art direction is needed to ensure we are prepared the day of the shoot.

BOOKING: What is your policy with non-refundable deposits?

It's a standard non-refundable deposit like any photographer.  When paid, it is your proof of intent to work with us, reserve us in your name for a specific date.  We begin work and plan for every shoot from the moment we are booked with you, and also deny offers to work on the date booked in your name, meaning in many cases we lose business with those specifically requiring us to be available on the same date.  You may change the date of your shoot no less than 5 business days in advance, and choose another date that is available to both parties.  This advance notice allows us to find someone else who wants to have that spot in time; fair to both you and our team.  If we aren't able to find someone else, the deposit partially covers the opportunity loss we incur from the absence of work on that date, as we rely on consistent workdays to stay in business for everyone else.