Sessions and Booking FAQ

For commercial projects, corporate group, haute couture, events, or weddings, please email us directly at

The following session packages are specifically for Headshots and Promotional/Branding/Modeling purposes. They are pre-set for artists and corporate clients in New York City who wish to work with us on a private, individual basis.

We have days specifically for headshots, with equipment and lights set up for that type of work, and days where the studio is setup for a more diverse set of lighting styles, for branding/modeling. 

Headshots for Artists or Corporate Sessions

Headshot/Portrait Sessions

  • Team Makeup / Hair Artist on set at all times
  • Meetup included beforehand by Request at Studio for Proof of Concept/Test Shots
  • sessions last up to 3 hours max (equivalent of 2 hours shooting time)
  • cinematic, commercial and natural styles of lighting
  • receive a gallery with all shots in hi-res, up to 500 shots on average
  •  2 looks with an option to extend the session for more during the shoot

Artist and Corporate Branding Sessions

Branding/ Modeling Session

  • Team Makeup / Hair Artist on set at all times
  • Entire shoot is planned in advance with mood board/details (always have a plan together)
  • Shots done in-studio and/or on-location (outdoors)
  • sessions up to 5 hours max (3.5 hours of shooting time)
  • simple yet impactful editorial quality shots, many angles of each idea
  • Coaching and Pose Guidance - fun for rookies, and a great challenge for vets with complex ideas
  • up to 6 individual changes/concepts, time allowed


(in-studio or on-location)

Whether you're a band, showcase of actors, theatre group, film crew, tech startup, or a Fortune 500 company, we are currently traveling around the USA helping with marketing and branding for many groups in the country. 
We book half and full days , fully customizable when we plan with you.  
We plan 1 month in advance on average, with a digital proof gallery delivered in less than 48 hours, and retouched photos in hand within 4 business days.
We're thrilled to help you elevate your brand with our visual style, and are delighted to work with you on your big idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Location, Time, Booking

LOCATION: Where are you located?

We are currently moving studios, and have now secured a location on 28th St between 7th ave and Broadway.  We will let everyone know when we have found our next location.  We are currently shooting on-site for large groups until mid-December.

TIME: What time of the day do you shoot?

8am-midnight, depending on the type of day we are working (Headshot, Branding/Modeling, Groups, Events)

TIME: How long is each session?

Check the sessions above to see their relative time.  We book two (2) headshot sessions per day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon (9:45am-1pm) and (12:45pm-4pm), the lighting setup is formatted for close-up shots.  For Branding and Modeling sessions, the studio is completely reorganized to allow us to give you the planned shots you need or have planned with us.

BOOKING: How should I get ready for this awesomeness?

(Step 1) You must place a non-refundable deposit to confirm your appointment (use the contact form to get in touch first).

(Step 2) We'll send you prep emails once booked, to get you ready on location, mindset, wardrobe.

(Step 3) We'll always be in touch with you up to the big day, so you always feel assured in your plan.

***With our Branding/Modeling sessions (Full Day) we send a mood board with inspirational pictures specifically tailored for you after consulting with you.  It's a very individualized experience.

2: Makeup + Meetings

MAKEUP: Is hair and makeup included with every package?

Yes :)  Our artists are on set with you the whole time for any adjustment.

MAKEUP: I want to come on set as is.  Can I ask for no makeup?

We use strobes/flashes that are 3-6 feet away from your face which can bring out more detail in the skin (including dryness, natural discoloration, etc).  We make it look natural by counteracting the close lights, using a soft, natural looking layer of makeup; it's an effective balancing process. 

MEETINGS: Can I meet you or speak with you before the shoot?  

FaceTime and Skype consultations are available before booking.  If, after our initial conversation, you'd still like to shake our hands or give hugs, we can talk about it.  We love hugs :)

MEETINGS: How much do we plan before a headshot shoot?

Once you become a client on our shooting schedule, it's as easy as booking and showing up on set; we are very hands-on and collaborative.  We are able to help with wardrobe and can always give you a preview of how the shoot will go.  

MEETINGS: How much do we plan before a branding shoot?

We will first do an interview with you, where both your personality and goals will be infused into a collection of photos to help inspire you (Read: Mood Board).  That Mood Board will evolve as we approach the shoot day through a few more exchanges. 

By the time we start, we will know our schedule for the day, and how the shots should turn out.  This won't be a standard "comp card" shoot with the same background and a few wardrobe changes... it will be authentically produced like a real editorial or commercial shoot. 

3: Prices and Rates

PRICES: Your prices aren't listed on the website?

Send us an email. This also allows us to be as clear as possible when informing you about prices, features, and availabilities all together. 

BOOKING: Do you photograph children?

Our minimum age requirement is 12 years of age.

BOOKING: What is your policy with non-refundable deposits?

It's a standard non-refundable deposit like any photographer.  When paid, it is your proof of intent to work with us, reserve us in your name for a specific date.  We begin work and plan for every shoot from the moment we are booked with you.  You may change the date of your shoot no less than 5 business days in advance, and choose another date that is available to both parties.  This advance notice allows us to find someone else who wants to have that spot in time; fair to both you and our team.  If we aren't able to find someone else, the deposit partially covers the opportunity loss we incur from the absence of work on that date.